Hello, blog world!

Sometime soon, there will be real blog posts with real pictures and really good (?) writing all about the oys and joys in my everyday life. You know it’s gonna be awesome.

In the meantime, this is a fake blog post – at least, it’s the blog post that’s kicking us off here. Such pressure.

I’m here because everyone has oys and joys – sometimes the oys seem to big, the joys too small, and all you want to do is scream or cry or move to Bermuda. Me, I’m going to write a blog. Sounds like a reasonable reaction for someone living in 2011.

I’d also like to document my efforts to create and serve healthy, tasty, vegetarian and vegan-friendly kosher food, and share the results here.

Mmm. Homemade. Lasted 3 days.

What? I’m allowed to have a semi-serious side. Oy.

Sound like your kinda thing? Want to watch me try and succeed? (Or fail – I won’t judge). Then come along!