Humble Strawberry Pie

This is strawberry pie.

This was my attempt to make a pie for the birthday of one of my co-workers who is often too busy, too stressed, and too under-appreciated. She doesn’t really like sweets, but she did admit she liked strawberry pies.

I ran out late last night to grab all the fixin’s, using this recipe, and stayed up, mixing cornstarch and sugar and strawberries into a sweet, gooey mess.

Step 1 of “Operation Strawberry Pie” was a success! It was beautiful and very easy to make. Step 2, titled “Give Delicious Strawberry Pie to Co-Worker” was an absolute failure: my co-worker was not in today.

Silly as it sounds, I was crushed. I wasn’t upset at my co-worker by any means, but more at myself: I didn’t realize how important it was to me to be able to give it to her, and now just because my plan fell through, I was upset? It was a little selfish. Maybe a lot selfish. But the pie, as pies are wont to do, humbled me.

You knew I was going to go there.

The pie crust was becoming soggy really quickly, and I knew it wouldn’t last until tomorrow. I sent a picture to my co-worker, who was touched by the gesture – no pie required. The rest of us enjoyed a slice (or 3) in her honor. And I had a bit of humbleness with mine.

And that was my Monday. Did you have a good one? I do hope so!