Secrets to a Super Shabbat

Whew! I just got done baking some challah I’m bringing for our oneg tonight…wanna take a sneak peek?


…and after!

Oh man, I just want to eat it all. Right now.

I did make a special dinner for FH last night, but alas, it was a simple one that really doesn’t require a recipe for you. You can look at our plates and clearly see what we had, and if you had any doubts, a quick Google search would be all you needed to figure out how to cook it:


I had wanted to make something fancy, but time was not on my side. I whipped this up, and FH loved it, despite it not taking long, nor involving anything exotic or labor-intensive. It was delicious, perfect… and simple. Isn’t it amazing how often all those things come together?

I was thinking about that as I was baking my challah. As the smell of fresh, eggy bread filled the air, I reflected on the few, simple things you can do in order to have an amazing Shabbat – or really, any day of rest! No fancy pants required:

  1. Eat good food
  2. Laugh loudly and without hesitation
  3. Reflect on the beauty in your life
  4. Hold the ones you love close
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until your smile is permanent 🙂

Time to jump in the shower to get ready for tonight! I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful night, a peaceful rest, and a fantastic day tomorrow. May you laugh loudly and hug until your ribs hurt. Until Sunday!