Terrific Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, all! I’ve really been enjoying this series; I find myself counting through different events in my day, figuring out what’s really making my day a good one. I’m happy to report that I had to actually self-edit my list this week – when you’re looking for simchas (blessings), it’s amazing how many you can find!

Here’s what made my Tuesday terrific:

1. Beautiful Breakfast

This makes eating breakfast while working practically glamorous!

Last week, I ran out of oatmeal on Wednesday, and my breakfasts were kind of sad until we went to the store on Sunday. I love oatmeal for a number of reasons: it’s fast, it’s super healthy, and you can dress it up however your taste buds want on any particular morning. Lately, because the produce has still been plentiful, I’ve been loving raspberries, bananas, and my newest addiction, crack Jif!

2. Rockin’ Reports

Not actual report…this one looks way too fun and colorful. I also stole it from Numbers, so yeah.

And now, a work-related simcha! I’ve been working on a particular research project for about a year. It’s been a long, grueling process, but I’ve learned so much, and the information really has the potential to be extremely useful on a large scale. Really, I can’t complain. Today, I made a huge leap towards wrapping everything up. It will be a little bittersweet to say goodbye, but at the same time, I’m more than ready to take on some new assignments!

3. Hopeful Humanity – Today, FH and I went to a local coffee shop to get some work done. While we walked toward the front door, we witnessed a moderate fender-bender in the busy street right next to the coffee shop. It was so inspiring to see the two individuals calmly get out of the street, park, and share a laugh while exchanging their insurance information. Normally in those situations, I see people get really uptight and yell – and hey, I’m sure some of it has to do with experiencing something pretty jarring, and dealing with what happened. But these two people were shining examples of being good citizens in the face of a potentially charged situation. Bravo!

4. Deee-licious Dinner

A quick trip to our local World Market uncovered some scrumptious tri-colored couscous, one of my all-time favorite grains. Paired with a salad and a veggie burger for some quick protein, and I am one fed and happy gal.

This also made its way into my dinner. Oh man…so good!

FH bought a copy of Yoga Shalom for us to check out, so I’m signing off to get in touch with my inner yogi. Hmm…I’m sensing a review in my future once I’ve gotten to experience this!

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