A Little Too Much Oy

Most days for me are a decent, if not healthy mix of oys and joys. I usually spend my time trying to rationalize and learn from the “oy” parts and bring out the “joy” parts. Today was not one of those days.

Today I got no sleep, thanks to anxiety about absolutely everything and nothing.

And...you are? Pillow, huh? Never heard of ya.

Today I had a headache and nausea that made me crabby, short, and generally unpleasant to those I care about.

*Actual representation of what I looked like today. Makes you want to come back, right?

Today I had to watch, helpless, as one of BF’s friends suddenly became, well, not so friendly.

That's how I felt, buddy.

Today I saw very few joys.

All I wanted was for it to be tomorrow. Tomorrow where I could wipe my hands clean of the misery of today.

Thankfully, I let today finish out.

I just came home from our community’s annual interfaith Thanksgiving service. It’s a beautiful way of bringing people of all faiths (and non-faiths) together in a common expression of thanks. There’s been a lot of that going around, eh?

Each piece of the service was brilliant. From the Imams who spoke words from the Qur’an in Arabic, to the Hindu man’s transcendent chanting, to the choir after choir lifting their voices in praise, I doubt anyone, of any tradition, could have walked away from tonight disappointed.

What really got me was the last speaker. A tall, slender man, he’s the head of a large, well known non-denominational church here in town. He recounted the story of how, this very morning, he was nearly hit by a car. He asked us to consider the fact that we exist a gift, to be amazed that we get to delight in another day on this planet, and be humble in being given such an opportunity.

Suddenly, my oys seemed a little smaller. My joys had more potential.

I stayed and chatted and noshed with everyone who came to the service. I hugged friends old and new. I went tonight feeling downtrodden, and left feeling uplifted.

Today had its fair share of oys, but tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow I will wake up, amazed at this gift of life, and be humbled at another opportunity to experience existence.

Did I mention that tomorrow morning, I get to make dessert for a dinner happening tomorrow night (yes, I’ll share it here!) while silmultaneously trying to work, clean, and prep for Thanksgiving? Well, I suppose that’s life.



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